January 27, 1927 – Zoning Agreement – Tongue Mountain Tract

  • January 13, 1927 – Zoning Agreement – Tongue Mountain Tract

WHERAS, the People of the State of New York, through its Conservation Commission, has purchased for Park purposes what is commonly known as the Tongue Mountain Tract, situated in the town of Bolton, County of Warren, State of New York, and bordering on Lake George, except for a few lots and cottage sites: and

WHEREAS, We, the undersigned owners of parcels of land being parts of the said Tongue Mountain Tract, on or near the shore of Lake George, to protect our several properties from loss, damage or injury resulting from objectionable uses of adjoining or neighboring property, and to preserve the present character of properties and their surroundings, and to stabilize values in our mutual interest, do hereby enter into the following zoning agreement for ourselves, our heirs, administrators, executors, successors and assigns:

WITNESSETH: In consideration of the execution of this or similar agreements by one or more of the owners of lands in the Tongue Mountain Tract and in consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements herein, and of the benefits derived and to be derived hereunder, we do hereby covenant and agree with all owners of lands in this said tract who execute this or a like agreement containing identical covenants and agreements:

FIRST: That all of the lots or parcels of land now owned or hereafter acquired by us in the said Tongue Mountain Tract in Warren County, on or near the shore of Lake George, shall be [next page missing]


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To each of which deeds reference is hereby made for a more full and complete description of the premises affected.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We have hereunto set our hands and seals as of the 13th day of January 1927

Irving Langmuir

Marion Langmuir

John S. Apperson

Rosalie S, Day

Alice Jerome Cole

Bertha S. Ehlers

Agnes W. Martin

Sarah May Anderson

Rodney Day

Harold S. Day

This agreement is signed by the General Electric Company with the understanding that the present use it is making of its land is not inconsistent with the terms of the agreement.


By A. H. Jackson (Vice President)

Frank C. Decker