January 25, 1927 – JSA to Ellwood Rabenold

  • January 25, 1927 – JSA to Hon. Ellwood M. Rabenold (NYC) –

Dear Rabenold:

I am always pleased when I see your name associated with outdoor things, and I was making a special effort to attend the Annual Meeting in Albany of the Adirondack Mountain Club, with the pleasing thought of listening to your good advice to its members and the possibility of a chat with you personally.

I notice a Mr. George Marshall is to suggest “A Policy for the Club in Relation to the Purchase of land within the Blue Line of the Adirondacks.” I was a member for several years of the Club’s Conservation Committee, and found much effort was required to keep the Club from being used to further the interest of individual projects, or support those who had been drawn into recommend such projects knowingly or unknowingly, and I venture to look with some concern towards the action that might be taken even by so intelligent a group as no doubt comprises the Committee of Conservation and Board of Governors of this Club even at this stage of maturity.

Such warning is hardly necessary to one who has labored so unselfishly and extensively as yourself in this field, and I am sure you will pardon me for writing you, knowing as you do the reasons for my personal interest and concern.

I do hope it will be my good fortune to have a visit with you some time in the near future, and with the most pleasing memories of our association, I remain,

Cordially yours,