January 22, 1930 – JSA statement for the court record


  • January 22, 1930 – John S. Apperson Statement for the court record…

My name is J. S. Apperson. I am of legal age and I reside at 1079 Teviot Road, Schenectady, N.Y. I own and operate a Studebaker Coupe Motor No. 1 110890. I have driven cars about six years and now drive under a New York State Operators license #3160008, On May 23, 1929 at about 8 A.M. I was standing in the second line of traffic from the north curb of Union St. east of the intersection of Erie Boulevard. I was the second car in line and was facing west. There was a truck in front of me and a number of cars in back of me, also a number of cars to my right. The traffic light was red for east and west traffic. The line of traffic I was standing in was under a railroad bridge and there was a lot of noise from this. When the light turned green the truck in front of me had a hard time starting and the cars in back were blowing their horns so I pulled out from in back of the truck and started to make a left turn to go south on Erie Boulevard. Just about when the rear end of my car was even with the east curb line of Erie Boulevard I heard the sirens of a fire engine. I put on my brakes the second I heard this siren and about the same time I saw the fire truck coming from the south at between 35 to 40 miles per hour. .When I first saw it, it was about 50 feet south of my position. I was about 25 feet east of the traffic light, which is situated in the center of the intersection. From the time I heard the siren I traveled about 10 to 15 feet, bringing me to a position of 25 feet east of the light. I was almost to a stop when the fire truck pulled between the traffic post and the front end of my car the right side f the truck scrapped ailing the bumper of my car and knocked off one of my headlights, also bending the frame. The fire truck did not stop after the accident. The truck which had been standing in front of me waiting fir the green light had started up and was right in back of me when the accident happened, the line of traffic at the curb also started up when the light changed to green which would appear that those drivers did not hear the siren either. This fire truck could not be seen due to a double line of cars headed north on Erie Blvd. and stopped south of the intersection of Union St. The day was clear and the pavement was dry.

I have read the above and it is true.

  1. S. Apperson