January 21, 1930 – JSA to Smith Johannsen

January 21, 1930 – JSA to Smith Johannsen (Montreal) –

Dear Johannsen:

I have a niece coming up from Virginia for a few days to have her first experience on skis. She has been dreaming and planning it until now she must do it or die, and she expects to join me this week-end for a trip to Lake George.

It would certainly be very fine if you and your family could come down at the same time. We could hardly expect such good fortune, but if it is possible be sure to let me know and come. I want very much for my niece to see you and that boy on the snow, and it is barely possible that I will steal away sometime during the week for a trip to Placid or a day or two in the Laurentians. It does not now seem possible, however.

If you can drop me note saying where you expect to be, I will certainly make an effort to look at you from a distance if you are too busy to be bothered.

Langmuir has gone to Europe for two months and insists that I spend a week skiing with hi in Switzerland, and while I dream about it, I don’t see any possible chance of having such a glorious experience.

With best regards to you and your family, I remain,

Cordially yours,