January 20, 1930 – JSA to Harry E. Smith

  • January 20 1930 – JSA to Harry E. Smith (Bolton Landing) –

Dear Mr. Smith:

The sale of Wm. Hill’s garage outfit back of Dr. Becker’s, and near the north boundary, is active again. Last fall he very properly gave his neighborhood an opportunity to buy the place for $4,000, and we have been trying to get together and finance the purchase of it ever since that time. Dr. Langmuir I believe wrote to Dr. Beckers offering to buy half of it, and Dr. Beckers advised in substance that his place was sufficiently well protected not to justify any interest in the matter on his part.

If you care to do so, you might drop a note to Dr. Beckers telling him of the pending development and the failure of any one in the neighborhood to get hold of the property and prevent such a place becoming a nuisance, and should you learn of the proposed purchaser it might be helpful to let him know how expensive it would be to provide proper sewage disposal close to the springs and on the rocky ledge, the soil being a thin layer of clay on stone.

In the meantime I am trying to find some way of encouraging Hill to let our neighborhood take it and to pay him more nearly its value, but I am not sure whether this will meet with any success.

Cordially Yours,