January 20, 1929 – Hull Apperson to his brother, John

  • January 20, 1929 – Hull Apperson (Richmond, Va.) to his brother, John –

Virginia Inspection and Rating Bureau

Richmond, Va.

Dear John:

Your letter about the “ultra violet ray lamp” should have been answered more promptly, but I have been trying to find some information as to what effect it will have on Hull, or rather if it should be used at all. I think it will do him good, but I don’t want to do any harm. If you have any information on the subject which is reliable, and you think it will benefit him I would like to try it. I have no way of getting one so if you think it worth the trial I shall appreciate your letting me have yours for a while.

We are having very warm pretty weather. Too warm for next year’s fruit I am afraid. If we can have as good a year in 1929 as 1928 we will pay our first dividend at Beverly Manor. We sold this year over $25,000 of apples. All our debts are paid and we have two or three thousand to the good     Hope you have had some snow and cold weather by this time. We had our little snow since you were here, but it only lasted about a day. So far we have all kept fairly well. Duncan had a cold for a few days after you left, also John, but nothing serious. Nell went back looking and feeling better than when she came. The job she has is not pleasing to her, but she thinks she must work as long as she is able. I wish she had sufficient income to make her feel independent without working except if she wanted to. She has too much energy to loaf, but she has reached the age that too much responsibility is not good for her.

Let us hear from you when you can. We all enjoyed your being with us Xmas. All send love.