January (?) 1925 – Bertha Ehlers to JSA

  • Undated, maybe January, 1925 ? – Bertha Ehlers to JSA (Western Union)

Dear John,

When you found that suede wind-breaker in your care last night did you make remarks about blankety blank people who left their coats behind them? I’m afraid you did. Bobby threw himself upon Ed last night as we were waiting for the train and said his New Year’s resolution was, “I’m not going to use a damn swearword – to Hell with them!” Seriously, though, I’m very sorry to bother you about the wind-breaker and I wish you would do with it whatever is the least trouble for you – I don’t need it so shuck it in a corner or of you’d rather be rid of it make any sort of bundle of it and send it by ordinary mail. And I apologize!

We all thank you – especially I do for the lift down and also for your coming for us and giving us the skating on Trout Lake – and all the exciting climax of your vacation. It was fun helping with the woodshed. – I hope you succeeded in shaking that cold overnight – and if you didn’t I hope you will find VAPEX will make it a little less uncomfortable. The train last night was about 15 minutes late making a total of about 45 minutes to wait and I was awfully glad you were at home and getting into bed – and not waiting there with us. Take care of yourself and good luck to you.                                                                Bertha

P.S. Dear John, will you tell Paxton and thank him for transporting one of my crew? B

Also fragment of another letter:

…drawing because the snow looks so good and the man’s shoulders disappear – …under his pack. – looks as if he were really working so hard. I think you’ll like it, too. Don’t return it to me – just tear it up when you’ve looked at it. I must go to bed. It is ten o’clock. Perhaps you are just getting back to S. (Schenectady) or are you going down in the morning these day? Good luck to you! Bertha