January 17, 1932 – Ted Dreier to his parents

  • January 17, 1932 – Ted Dreier (Winter Park, FL) to his parents –

Dear Mother and Father,

The other day I wrote you that I was sending you another letter with some important news. I am sorry to have your curiosity in case I have, but the news is now not forthcoming. The letter to you was already written when a sudden change invalidated it, temporarily at least.

You will be interested to hear that Rollins has adopted the financial plan contemplated last year, by which students are charged the full cost of their education when they are able to pay. Dr. Holt has been speaking at schools all over the country and hopes that the enrollment will not fall off more than a little. In this case, our salaries will be restored to their former level next year, and various other improvements will be possible. Of course, one can’t tell how things will work out, but the omens are good so far.

I haven’t been able to get over to Chinsegut for some time, but Bobby and I hope to go over this weekend, and I then expect to leave her there for a rest of a week or so. She needs it badly.

Quintus is getting on well and so is Mark. Quin likes to play that he is the baby, once in a while, and we give him a chance. It’s rather amusing. At other times, he is eager to share in the responsibility for the new one and helps feed him, etc.

Barbara sends her love and so do I. Do write us how business (Lock Stub) and other responsibilities are.

Love from Theodore