January 13, 1922 – Mary Loines to JSA

  • January 13, 1922 – Mary Loines to JSA


3 Pierrepont Place

Brooklyn, New York

Dear Mr. Apperson,

Here is a startling paragraph I cut out of the Warrensburg paper last week. It was mislaid and I did not find it till after Hilda’s letter had been mailed. It would be terrible to have that end of Lake George any worse than it was last year.

Your pictures of the lake are quite fascinating but I am prohibited from icy surfaces by an uncertain foot. I do hope some of my family can get up there before the month is out. Elma is spending a couple of days at the seashore with a friend. She has been over working on behalf of her pet philanthropy – the Marten School of Music.

It is always a pleasure to hear from you.

Sincerely yours,

Mary H. Loines