January 12, 1932 – Ted Dreier to his father

  • January 12, 1932 – Ted Dreier (Winter Park, Fl.) to his father                                                                                             Dear father and mother,

I can’t remember for certain whether I have written you since Christmas or not, but it won’t do any harm to thank you again anyway for your generous presents. They were a great help to us and I hope not too great a handicap to you I these times.

By the way, father, you may be interested to know that the $75.00 check which you returned to me exactly paid the doctor’s bill for the arrival of Mark Russell! He was cheap compared with Quintus.

I have been helping to coach crew here lately in the absence of Bill Oldham, the regular coach. It is rather good fun, and I get plenty of exercise.

We have been having the most wonderful warm weather here. You know I don’t miss the cold as much as I used to. If I don’t look out, I’ll get too used to this climate.

Both children are getting along finely. Quintus helps feed Mark and does all kinds of things for him. They are a pair of fine sons.

I am writing you another letter with important news in it today, tho’ it may be delayed somewhat in mailing.

Much love from