January 12, 1922 – JSA to Hilda Loines


January 12, 1922 – JSA to Hilda Loines (Brooklyn)

Dear Miss Loines:

I hesitate to send you the enclosed photographs, feeling that you might realize what a wonderful experience you might have had in front of the Quarterdeck. Each week I call up, hoping that the Loines will be in the land of the living, only to be informed that they are expected next week.

Dr. and Mrs. Langmuir and party are shown in one of the photographs eating luncheon on your shore after three days of perfect ice conditions and some skiing, all of which took place New Years.

Last week the lake was completely frozen over and the thaw seared it over, filling the cracks and leveling the high spots, and, had I not known that you were like most New York people, I might have thought you had gone over it with a hot iron.

The conditions were so wonderful that I succeeded for the first time in getting some Glens Falls people – the Hoopes and others, to enjoy it. Even the manager of the German estate next door tried to be a regular fellow after some bit of training,

I will not give you any more details but hope that you will be inspired to come North and will advise me when to expect some life on your shore.