February 8, 1963 – Bert Keys to Ed Clements (TNC)

February 8, 1963 Bert Keyes (Petersburg, Florida) to Ed (Clements -TNC)

Dear Ed:

Enclosed please find my personal check for $10.00 as a modest           contribution toward the memory of “Appy” now gone to his reward. It is said       that he did not take care of himself after his accident. My sister Florence and            myself will miss his companionship greatly as we saw him almost daily and     ate at our table frequently.

The Schenectady “Union Star” article written by Dr. Newkirk and        Philip Ham was a fine tribute in my opinion.

Don’t think I’ll see Lake George before next June as at age 86, I hanker           after Florida’s sunshine and usual warmth.

Come and see us at the lake anytime you are in our neighborhood.

Sincerely yours,

Bert Keys