February 8, 1932 – Ted Dreier to his mother (Ethel Dreier)

  • February 8, 1932 – Ted Dreier (Winter Park , FL) to his mother, Ethel Dreier

Dearest Mother,

It was so good to get your letter today. I had been meaning to write you for some time. Everybody has been sick except Delia and Mark, but now we are all right again. First Mother Louise (?), then Quintus, then Helen, then I. Quin got well and then went to bed again, but is now good and fit. Barbara has been persuaded to stay at Chinsegut as she needs the rest very badly. She was also sick over there for two or three days. I was the one who went to the hospital and stayed there about a week. I’ve been trying to catch up with my work at the college or would have written before. We have had a trained nurse here for the past 10 days as it was the only sensible things to do with practically everybody laid up. She has cooked, shopped, and done everything as well as nursed and is a crackerjack. She leaves tomorrow.

I’m thrilled to hear about your work with all the women in these hard times in the city. This certainly brings out the stuff that people have inside ‘em.

If possible I shall go over to Chinsegut again this weekend, tho’ I want Barbara to stay a bit longer, the Levinsons have been there and I guess there have been some fairly exciting and hard times in trying to settle what to do about the bank. Uncle Raymond is very lovely about disarming it all, so don’t repeat this.

I’ll write you after the weekend.

Much love to you, mother dear, and to father and John

from Theodore.