February 8, 1931 – Mrs. Henry (Belle) Moscovitz) to Owen D. Young

February 8, 1931 – Mrs. Henry (Belle) Moskovitz to Mr. Owen D. Young (NYC) –

Dear Mr. Young:

I am venturing to write you as one of “those interfering reformers.”

Just recently I had a talk with Dr. Langmuir and Mr. Apperson of Schenectady about the so-called reforestation amendment to section 7 of the State constitution.

From my talk with them and with others, it seems to me that it would be advisable to examine it much more closely than it has been. It seems to be masquerading under false pretenses. It makes people believe that it is an amendment intended only to encourage tree planting. The State is now able to go ahead with its tree planting program without any such legislation as the proposed reforestation. However, Mr. Apperson and Dr. Langmuir are familiar with the details.

I find considerable feeling being roused among civic groups who are just beginning to see the import of the amendment. It would be better if it did not pass at this session of the Legislature and never came before the people. If it does, there may be a state-wide battle against it on the part of those interested in conservation.

I am venturing to bring this to your attention only because the best informed people on the subject are in your own organization and many of us think they need your help.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Henry Moskovitz