February 7, 1931 – JSA to Mrs. H. E Dreier

  • February 7, 1931 – JSA to Mrs. H. E. (Ethel) Dreier –

My dear Mrs. Dreier:

Mr. Moot is very sympathetic with our cause and would like to do all he can to make our dinner Wednesday night a success. The letter he has from Mr. Root he thinks is rather too personal even to read at that dinner, but may consent to letting us have it.

He expresses the belief that Mr. Root would not hesitate to write a similar letter if approached by you or someone who may know him, and possibly make his letter even stronger than the one he wrote to Mr. Moot.

I am preparing a place-card, each consisting of a copy of the bill, four photographs similar to those you have, with a copy of the report from the Forestry Magazine, and a list of four or five reasons why the amendment should not be passed, also a map with each place card.

Hoping you will not allow anything to discourage you in this magnificent effort you are making, I remain,

Sincerely yours,