February 7, 1930 – JSA to Jim Cawley

February 7, 1930 – JSA to Jim Cawley –

Dear Jim:

I have just returned from a very delightful skiing trip in Canada with my niece, Martha, and was glad to get your letter of the 31st with enclosures. I agree with you that the answers to your inquiries are what we should expect However, Ii am encouraged with the possibility that you have secured the interest of Agar’s group.

Your suggestion about the Legion is excellent, and I will go after them immediately. They were among the group subscribing to this program in 1923 and should be more interested than ever in the project.

I would like to keep the originals of Agar’s and Howard’s letters and am therefore sending you copies which you might need for your further attention.

I was glad indeed that you tipped me off regarding Smith [Andrew Smith?]. He has just spent a day and night with me and while he did not bring up the particular structure he had in mind building, he did talk over with me at some length this and other Lake George problems which I was very glad to discuss with him. He seemed more talkative than usual and very sympathetic with the work I am trying to do.

Very sincerely yours,