February 5, 1929 – Beatrice Ward Nelson to JSA


  • February 5, 1929 – Beatrice Ward Nelson (Executive Secretary – National Conference on State Parks, Inc. Washington, DC) to JSA

Dear Mr. Apperson:

Thank you so much for your good letter regarding “State Recreation.” I am glad to know that you feel this book will be of value.

I received a letter from Mr. Howard regarding the acquisition of Paradise Bay lands near Lake George a few days ago. However, I am no longer in office and my successor, Herbert Evison, is on is way to Washington. I am planning to return to Washington within a few days and will then go over this entire matter with Mr. Evison. I feel that I have no authority to take any steps in this matter and since it does not mean a delay of more than a few days I am, as I said, holding it for Mr. Evison.

You will find our new Executive Secretary most cooperative and efficient. We are looking forward to real progress under his direction.

With best wishes, I am

Sincerely yours,

Beatrice Ward Nelson

Information from Letterhead: National Conference on State Parks

Officers: Stephen T. Mather – Chairman

David C. Chapman – Vice Chairman

Beatrice M. Ward – Executive Secretary

Board of Directors –

William A. L. Bazeley; Howard B/ Bloomer; James L. Greenleaf; John Oliver La Gorce; Mrs. Stella Leviston; Richard Lieber; Duncan McDuffie; Wilbur A. Nelson; William A. Welch.

Objects: To urge upon our governments, local, county, state, and national, the acquisition of land and water areas suitable for recreation and preservation of wild life, as a form of the conservation of our national resources, until eventually there shall be public parks, forests, and preserves within easy access for all of the people of our nation, and also to encourage the interest of non-governmental agencies, and individuals in acquiring, maintaining and dedicating for public use similar areas; and as a means of cementing all park interests into a harmonious whole, to provide for a conference and exchange of ideas by an annual meeting of such interests, and the formation of facilities for the exchange of information and ideas between conferences.