February 3, 1931 – John van de Water to JSA

  • February 3, 1931 – John W. Van De Water (Hastings on Hudson) to JSA

Dear Appy:

Some time ago I received your communications addressed to the Laboratories and also to Father Langmuir here at Hastings. About the time these arrived I sprained my ankle in such a manner that it retarded my locomotion 100% for some three weeks. However, I established contact with an Adirondack Club friend of mine in the Laboratories and I feel certain that he will do all he can to persuade Mr. Kohlhaas to act in the proper manner. I am enclosing a letter that I have written to my friend, Mr. Carmer of the Adirondack Club, asking him to present our case to Mr. Kohlhaas. Incidentally there is an editorial in the February issue of American Forests regarding the need for reservations that are entirely remote from all forms of civilization.

If I can do anything more to further your interests in this forest work I will be glad to do so. You may address me either here in Hastings or at the office if you desire. Ruth joins me in wishing you success.


John W. Van de Water