February 3, 1930 – JSA to Mrs. A. H. Apperson (Martha’s mother)

February 3, 1930 – JSA to Mrs. A. H. Apperson (Martha’s mother) –

Dear Duncan:

It might relieve some of the anxiety on your part to know that Martha is back from her skiing trip at Lake George, Montreal and Ottawa, without any scratches or bad effects. I put her on the Northwest Limited this morning and she is now in New York City.

She has declared several times that her ski trip was the finest of all she ever had. Of course I was very much pleased with the way which she conducted herself throughout. I was pleasantly surprised at the quick way she learned to climb and slide. Her first day she climbed the little mountain back of my camp at Lake George and was on skates a short time later in the afternoon.

During the week she met many of my Schenectady friends and on Thursday night we went to Montreal and met some of my Norwegian friends and climbed Mt. Royal. I learned that the Laurentians were wind swept, with some crust, therefore changed my pans and went to Ottawa where we could get “into the bush.” We struck a snow-shoe convention and the town was gaily decorated and every minute of our stay was very pleasant and interesting. Martha was particularly pleased with seeing the Peace Tower and visiting the new Capitol Buildings of very fine architecture. We also made two rather long ski trips to distant clubs, as guests of the President of the Ottawa Ski Club.

I found Martha a very agreeable companion and was sorry to see her go south this morning. Wish you and the rest of the family could have gone with us on skis.

With love to all.