February 29, 1928 – JSA to William Hill

  • February 29, 1928 – JSA to William Hill –

Dear Mr. Hill:

You can proceed to take action from the “idol” when it suits your convenience. I am writing this letter with the thought that I may not be able to reach you on the ’phone and you may wish to load the cribbing for the new dock while the weather is most favorable.

If it is not too much trouble to you, I would be very grateful if you would look up your notes or give me from memory the cost of overhauling Mr. Dalton’s dock, also moving the wagon shed to the barn, also converting the chicken house into an ice house and such estimate as you may think reasonable on the cost to him of filling in the space where the old hotel was, consisting as you probably know of the strip 90 feet on the shore and 150 feet deep.

If you can give me a memorandum on this by mail so that I can have it Saturday morning, or this is too quick I might call you up Friday and ask you for this information.

With best wishes,

Cordially yours, JSApperson