February 28, 1929 – JSA to Andrew Smith (Barber Mountain)


  • February 28, 1929 – JSA to Andrew Smith (re: Barber Mountain)

Dear Mr. Smith:

I was glad to get your letter of the 19th and to learn that you have been in touch with Mr. Morehouse, and in the absence of any other communication from you I assume that you are having some of the same difficulties that I have experienced. Mr. Morehouse is so important a part of this transaction that it is very essential that we retain his good will. I am nevertheless anxious to get this matter settled and hope you will be bale to get in touch with him for some kind of settlement at an early date.

You may remember that several years ago I purchase the top of so-called “Barber Mountain” from John Cary [?] to prevent Dr. Becker from destroying the wild beauty and erecting a castle. I never attempted to make any use of this hill until this winter and while I do not know the exact location of the lines, we have been enjoying a ski-trail to the top which I think runs over a part of the land on the north near the creek recently sold by Sherry Finkle to some doctor in Glens Falls. While we are able to come down without running over this property, it would aid going up to have a less precipitous route. The land has been cut over and being isolated it could hardly be considered as valuable. I notice the improvements made on the property have been held up for some time. It is barely possible that the new owner has changed his plans. If I remember correctly, Mr. Bixby told me that he had looked up the title to this property and did not believe that Finkle’s title was good. If you can do so without much effort, I would like to know what the doctor’s name is and what his present feeling is regarding the property or the sale of a few acres in the south corner.

Cordially yours,