February 27, 1929 – Theodore V. W. Anthony

  • February 27, 1929 – Theodore V.W. Anthony (Newburgh) sending bill about naming the high peaks…

Dear Apperson:

If you have thought at all about the mountain naming row since we last discussed it you have probably concluded that either it or I (or both) had died an untimely death. We haven’t. I enclose copy bill recently introduced in both Senate and Assembly. You will notice that it is not very drastic, but it is the best I felt even reasonably certain of getting away with. It clearly shows legislative opposition to honoring living non-entities, and it will as least deter the genus “damphool” from taking further liberties at present.

You suggested that I send some of my earlier ammunition to one F. D. Roosevelt. I did so. Since he has become His Excellency, the Governor” I am told that he is not so approachable. Do you know him well enough to call his attention to the bill and invite his support? If so go to it, and many thanks.

Very sincerely,

Theodore Anthony