February 24, 1941 – Nellie Sellinger Pierce to JSA

  • February 24, 1941 – Nellie Sellinger Pierce to JSA –

Dear Mr. Apperson,

Did you take that lovely picture of your windows looking out on Lake George you sent with Christmas greetings? It is artistic. I thank you for it.

If you don’t mind, I know another view that would take well – the picture of your entrance door including the stone step – and you on the step: or, you standing and introducing a guest speaker in the out-of-doors auditorium at “The Point.”

What attitude is the Forest Preserve Association taking toward the ski trail on Whiteface Mountain, if any?

I notice that a bill to that effect is in the legislature, and no word from you about it – anything to be done? I am opposed to it for the same reason I objected to the highway on Whiteface – Defacement of a beautiful natural object for the supposed financial benefit of a few hotels at Lake Placid.

Since the draft has gone into effect I have wondered if your two nephews, Jim and John, have been called; and Jerry and Wenger.

What stupidity to sacrifice that best of young manhood to the madness of war!

Master – man, in his blind conceit, has made of earth a vale of misery instead of a suitable paradise.

Could women have done worse? Not that I think women are better than men – I do not. But their training has been different. They have carried on the arts of peace and men have been forced into the savages of war.

In due time normal enlightened American women together with high-grade American men must lead the way out of this war bondage. How? Ah! There’s the rub! I know the principle but not the tactics to attain it.

“Peace on Earth,” would follow “Good Will to Men.”

Yours sincerely,

Nellie Sellinger Pierce

Mrs. Horace G. Pierce