February 18, 1931 – JSA to Mrs. Dreier

  • February 18, 1931 – JSA to Mrs. Dreier –

My dear Mrs. Dreier:

We are making progress, but it is still apparent that we will be short on the number of organizations speaking for the Sportsmen’s Reforestation Bill, Senate Int. 841, by Baxter, Assembly Int. 1164 by Wemple, and also speaking against the three tree-cutting amendments better known as the Hewitt Reforestation #33 and the Porter Int. 415 permitting the erection of so-called “recreation buildings” throughout the forest preserve. The road building bill permitting the cutting of trees anywhere for such a purpose has not been scheduled for the meeting on Wednesday, to be scheduled I Senate Chamber 2 P.M.

I am informed that last Sunday’s Tribune carried a short article with the names of a conservation committee of the New York State Women’s Club, and it is suggested that possibly they may care to subscribe to the Sportsmen’s Reforestation bill, and be represented for that Bill and possibly against the other bills attacking Section 7, by Mr. Moot. As you appreciate, it would be excellent to have him representing some state-wide organization. If you have any way of encouraging this it would be most helpful.

May I make one more suggestion. If you do not already know it, you can learn through Mrs. Moskowitz that Mr. Rabenold wrote a very able letter to the Lieutenant Governor Lehmann, February 16th, and it would be most helpful if we could have that letter, possibly modified slightly and re-addressed, published in one of the New York papers or permission from Mr. Rabenold to distribute copies. His permission and cooperation to do this would no doubt be obtained more easily through Mrs. Moskowitz than anyone else, and if you can suggest it to her, or talk with him direct about it, it would be most encouraging to those who are supporting our cause.

Cordially yours, JSApperson

(Many thanks for your check but I must not spend any ( ???)…