February 18, 1931 – JSA to Fred Saunders

  • February 18, 1931 – JSA to A. F. (Fred) Saunders (Syracuse)

Dear Saunders:

We are still wrestling with the tree-cutting crowd and have at last succeeded in getting a Sportsmen’s Reforestation bill introduced which briefly, is the Hewitt Amendment less the joker. In other words, it provides for the planting of trees anywhere in the state, with the same financial set-up as the Hewitt Amendment, by adding Section 16 to Article VII, but does not affect, modify or change Section 7 of the Article which protects the state’s playground. The Introductory number ios 814 in the Senate, introduced by Senator Baster, Int. 1164 in the Assembly, introduced by Assemblyman Wemple.

We are unfortunate in having a hurried hearing called for 2 PM, Senate Chamber, a week from today, the 25th. One of the ablest men in the State, E. M. Rabenold, for many years Senator and Chairman of the Committee on Conservation, will represent the New York State Forest, Fish and Game League for the Sportsmen’s Reforestation Bill, and also represent them against the Hewitt Amendment, and the road bill, and also against the Porter Amendment authorizing the cutting of trees for building recreation buildings or dancehalls throughout the Adirondacks.

We are, however, very short on organizations and the opposition have a great number. If you could come and only speak three words in the name of the American Canoe Association or a branch of that organization, it would be a great help to us. If you cannot possibly make this sacrifice, please try to get someone else to do it and preferably from somewhere other than Schenectady.

We are making progress, but we need more help and we need it badly.

Cordially yours, JSA