February 18, 1930 – JSA to C. E. Mortureux (Ottawa)

  • February 18, 1930 – JSA to Mr. C. E. Mortureux (President, Ottawa Ski Club)

Dear Mr. Mortureux:

In breaking away from your hospitality very hurriedly, I left my fur cap, and knowing that you are extremely busy, I hesitated to write you about it, thinking that one of your members who so very kindly gave us a lift in his car, would have an opportunity to take care of this detail for me, and relieve you of any bother. I have not heard from him, however, and would very much appreciate it if you would forward the cap to me when it is the least trouble to you.

I am enclosing a couple of dollars with the idea that you may also have the opportunity to buy some gas for the man who was kind enough to pick us up.

Assuring you again of my appreciation for your hospitality, I remain

Cordially yours,