February 18, 1928 – JSA to Wm. Dalton (Not mailed)

  • February 18, 1928 – JSA to Wm. Dalton   NOT MAILED

Dear Mr. Dalton:

Regarding yours of even date. I am handing Mr. Hollister my check, and will hold the deed without recording for several weeks to allow mature consideration of any unsettled questions.

No doubt you will recall several occasions when you insisted on considering the Roosevelt transaction independently of any relation that we might have between our other properties, and I finally accepted your offer to sell with the assurance that I was free to use or dispose of the property in any way I might find necessary. It, therefore, appears that our Gentleman’s Agreement no longer applies to the Roosevelt property, but nothing has been done to release us from our Gentlemen’s Agreement to give each other an opportunity to buy the central or south strip when we wish to sell.

It is hardly possible for me to add anything to what you already know about our property, since we have both worked eight years to beautify it, but I am impressed with the fact that it will now be necessary for us to mutilate and so conduct our affairs that it will be more of a jumping off place than a place of rest and recreation, and whatever I do will be done after very careful consideration of your interest, providing I am not forced to act from circumstances.

Among other things of course, I will have to construct a road down through my arrow strip of woods to avoid reaching my property over your land, and no doubt you will in like manner wish to have a road to your property over your own land which will necessitate further cutting out of trees, also as indicated in one of your previous letters, you will have to mar the natural beauty and charm of your lake front by erecting a boat-house which also affects my property.

I mention all these things merely to remind both of us that we are starting on an entirely new basis as far as preserving the restful features of our property.

Very truly yours   NOT MAILED…