February 14, 1929 – JSA to Andrew Smith

  • February 14, 1929 – JSA to Andrew Smith (attaching copies of letters from C. R. Pettis and F. D. Morehouse, as well as letter from Apperson to Alexander MacDonald, Conservation Commissioner) –

Dear Mr. Smith:

I have just located the attached copies of letters which may be helpful to you: – Letter by C.R. Pettis, dated May 29, 1925, subject Miscellaneous 65. To Land Title Bureau, Attorney General’s office.

-Letter by F.D. Morehouse, dated December 30, 1925 to M. F. O’Conner, Deputy Attorney General

-My letter August 4, 1927 to Alexander MacDonald. Written on the date the papers were served on me, and asking for a letter of explanation, never written by the Commission. Members of the Commission showed a disposition against writing letters on this subject from the beginning.

Cordially yours,