February 14, 1929 – Chris Smith & Sons to JSA


  • February 14, 1929 – Chris Smith & Sons Boat Company (Michigan) to JSA – Dear Sir:

We beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter of February 11th, from which we note that the Care and Operation Book reached you all right.

This is to advise you that we have never ceased using canvas between the planking on the bottom as shown on page #12, plate #3, and that this same construction is used on every boat we turn out.

With reference to your inquiry as to a searchlight for your boat, including the necessary fittings, we wish to advise you that we can supply a #20 Lorraine spot light, chromium plated, for $25.00, or a larger one, #35 for $35.00. We have found this spotlight to be the most adaptable for our boats, and these are the ones installed by us, if so specified. However, the Lorraine spotlight will not throw a mile, but only around 500 feet, which is 200 feet farther than most any other spotlight. If you want a light which throws a mile, you will have to get a searchlight which could be mounted on a standard on the deck, per example, the One Mile Ray Light, and the One Half Mile Ray Light, manufactured by the Portable Light Company, 12 Warren Street, New York City.

Trusting this is the information desired,

Yours very truly,

Chris Smith & Sons Boat Company

(Service Manager – Jan M. Smits)