February 14, 1921 – Ralph Goetz to JSA

  • February 14, 1921 – Ralph L. Goetz (Frankford Arsenal – Philadelphia) to JSA (Power & Mining Dept.)–

Dear Appy:

I have the skating and skiing fever and will, if I find it possible towards the end of this week, attempt to spend the next weekend at Lake George or some other place where there is skating or skiing, or both. Washington’s birthday falling on Tuesday might give the opportunity of a lengthened weekend.

I am writing you to obtain information as to the possibilities and without any desire to conflict or enter into – except with your consideration – plans which you may have established for that period.

I have my sail with me and of course could bring it. Its bulk is somewhat of an impedance in making a transfer through New York City, so I would take the liberty of leaving it behind provided you have an extra one which you will be kind enough to loan me. My skiis are in Pittsfield and I might either pick them up there or have them sent to Schenectady.

The entire journey is problematical, I must admit, but I am getting very tired of this ‘springy’ winter which we are having in Philadelphia, with the result that I crave the snow and ice. With best wished, I remain.

Sincerely yours,

Ralph L. Goetz