February 13, 1920 – JSA to Mr. Penfield (Algonquin Hotel)


  • February 13, 1920 – JSA to Mr. Penfield, Proprietor, Algonquin Hotel –

Dear Mr. Penfield:

I am trying to locate a place near Bolton to keep my canoe and boat and possibly some duffle and thereby reduce the difficulty of my week-end trips which I have been experiencing for a number of years. The major part of my work to save the islands is about completed and it is not so important that I reach the Narrows every week as it has been.

In passing by your place last week I noticed a small yellow house near the lake apparently on the extreme right boundary of your property. I gained the impression that it was no longer very essential to the hotel and that possibly you might consider renting or selling it for a sum that would be within my limited means.

Would you be kind enough to let me know how you feel about it and if it is not available what you might suggest that I look up in your neighborhood. Hoping you are enjoying good health this winter and with best regards,

Very truly yours,