February 12, 1931 – JSA to Mrs. H. E. Dreier

  • February 12, 1931 –

My dear Mrs. Dreier:

You were such a gracious hostess in allowing your guests to indulge in pleasantries, that I fear I did not add very much substantial thought to your dinner, although it was very peasant to be there.

As you saw, Rabenold has a masterful way of handling the subject, and it will be invaluable to have him at any hearing we may secure. My hesitation about going immediately to see Mr. Dapping was based on past experience of stiffening him up only to have him wilt under even a moderate pressure later, and if I am to see him it would be better to do so after Rabenold had conversed with him on the subject.

Do you not think it would be wise to keep Mrs. Moskowitz sympathetic by calling her up and telling her what has occurred and expressing to her my regrets on not being able to reach her by ‘phone?

Should there be any danger of the City Club repudiating their position from last year, and I can be helpful to you in meeting with them informally, I should be glad to come down for that purpose. I still have a few days of my vacation left.

Assuring you of my appreciation for what you are doing, I remain.

Cordially yours,