February 10, 1937 – George Marshall to JSA


  • February 10, 1937 – George Marshall (136 Old Post Road, Croton–on-Hudson, NY) to JSA –

Dear Mr. Apperson:

Thank for your interesting letter of Feb. 4th. I agree with you that our victory at the January 30th meeting will not be complete until the officers of the Adirondack Mountain Club are definitely in sympathy with our point of view. However, I think it would have been impossible to have made any change this year, but it should be much easier to bring about a change in this respect next year if necessary.

Your suggestions that we try to get other outdoor organizations to pass resolutions supporting Article VII – Section 7, similar to the one passed by the Adirondack Mountain Club, is an excellent one. I have spoken with Mr. Torrey about this and he has already gotten in touch with people in some of the larger, as well as smaller outing organizations in the New York area.

I think your idea of listing organizations favorable to Article VII –Section 7, is good. I am doubtful, however, whether it would be wise to make a list of those organizations that have taken no action, and publish it. I should think it wiser, after a considerable number of organizations have come out in favor of Article VII – Section 7, to send a list of such organizations to any which have not acted, urging that they join with those organizations that want to maintain the Forest Preserve as a wild forest area. I am afraid that publishing the names of organizations which have failed to act, will tend to put them on the defensive and make them less ready to join with us.

In regard to the last paragraph of your letter, naturally I shall let you know frankly if ever I differ from you and I shall expect you to do the same about anything that I say.

Sincerely yours,

George Marshall