December 7, 1929 – JSA to Peabody

  • December 7, 1929 – JSA to George Foster Peabody –

My dear Mr. Peabody:

You might be interested in knowing that a Schenectady delegate to the State Forest, Fish and Game Annual Convention, held in Conojoharie, has just reported that Commissioner MacDonald was drunk for such a ling time period at the Convention that he lost most of his support, and a resolution introduced by Mr. Houghton of the Campfire Club, to go on to the Governor, demanding the Commissioner’s reinstatement, failed after a very rough fight.

It seems that Mr. Dapping, who was made President of the Association, is a close personal friend of Mr. Osborne and was successful in getting the resolution modified as a compliment to the Commissioner, leaving out any request to have him continue in office.

Neither the Commissioner’s old friends nor the Campfire Club appear to have much to their credit by this performance. Houghton is also a member of the Association for the protection of the Adirondacks and has for many years been used to performances of this kind, which do not always reflect a credit to him or the organization which he represents.

The early retirement of MacDonald seems now to be accepted as a fact by the sportsmen.

Cordially yours,