December 29, 1929 – Peabody to Gov. Roosevelt


  • December 29, 1929 – Peabody to Governor Roosevelt –

Dear Governor:

Fancy you may have received original at Hyde Park but not unlikely you did not receive an extra allowance of time to read it. I therefore enclose this copy.

I also enclose Apperson’s comeback. I think he is right about Whiteface – but that also was due to American Legion folly – I am sure that is the most dangerous organization in the USA and therefore in the world.

As to the Lake Placid Bobsled – I think JSA has not talked it over with Dewey. I am confident A. is a most valuable citizen and I hope you can now and again let him report in detail about matters about Lake George especially. I think he is right in his understanding of the way money has used the politicians. I am glad that soon Charles Osborne can deal with the true inwardness of some things in that very important state department.

With the legislature [?] I fancy there will not soon be a time for Yaddo to welcome you.

I have to go to Hampton for latter art of this month and I am to hear and meet Gen. Smuts in NY – I am I fear not likely to get back here after leaving on Jan. 30th for New York.

A Happy New Year to you good friend – NY State has had success in 1929 as far as you could further it.


George Foster Peabody