December 14, 1929 – JSA to Peabody


  • December 14, 1929 – JSA to Peabody –

My dear Mr. Peabody:

Dr. Langmuir has just urged me again to continue with my efforts to bring into existence a small organization and also emphasizes the importance of having you as one of the directors. You will remember my mentioning this important feature when you gave me the pleasure of dining with you at the Van Curler recently.

Our plan is to incorporate to better protect the individual members and to give the organization a certain standing of importance. We plan to have the smallest possible group – three directors – yourself, Dr. Langmuir and Dr. Stanton, one of our foremost surgeons, or in the place of Dr. Stanton some one you might suggest. The office will consist of a Chairman of the Executive Board, who will also be Treasurer, and a Recording Secretary. By this arrangement we can function quickly and not bother unduly, any member of the small group.

I would like to have someone in New York City as a director, like Dr. Melish. Of course no one would be more acceptable than he.

Having done this work myself, which is now proposed for the organization, it seems possible to carry on the activities without unduly burdening any one, and I hope you will agree to join us and give us the benefit of your advice.

I happened to see Mr. Darling yesterday and he wanted me to tell you that he greatly enjoyed your remembering him at the Musical, and talked at great length about his old association with you.