August 7, 1923 – Eleanore Roosevelt to JSA

August 7, 1923 – Eleanor Roosevelt (Hyde Park on the Hudson) to JSA

Dear Mr. Apperson

Would you do me a favor? I am going to a camp on Loon Lake, Sept. 1st for a few days with my boy Elliott who is past 13 and my friend Luise [sic] Reed. Elliott and I want to go over & climb Marsy [sic] camping somewhere for one night. We could take a motor over I suppose? What I want to know is where can I get a map of the best trail up & down, where should I go from Loon to start (I belong to no Adirondack clubs) what is the least which I can take for I do not want a guide, & is it too much for a boy of 13 who is strong and accustomed to exercise?

I hate to bother you but I know you could help me as no one else could and you are always so kind that I’m venturing to trespass on your friendship.—

With many thanks in advance,

Very sincerely yours,

Eleanor Roosevelt