August 5, 1926 – Jim Cawley to JSA

  • August 5, 1926 – Jim Cawley to JSA

Dear Apperson:

I knew when I asked for help that everything would be done but I didn’t dare hope that as much as apparently has been accomplished would be out over last week, so once again I send you my sincere thanks with the realization that we are calling on you who is not a member of the A.C.A. to do more than any of us have done, but I think I know you well enough to know that it pleases you to do such things as much as it would me.

My wife is going to drive me to Huddle Bay Saturday and if your cabin there is available we will put the kiddies to bed and stay there until early Sunday morning; if not we will go over to the hotel. Don’t change may of your plans in view of this. I intend then to get an outboard motor boat from Smith and move over to Turtle on Sunday morning. On Monday I am going to get Jay Taylor to take the platforms to the Island and I am going to try to find two handy men that I can employ for a week or more to nail them together.

Will see you perhaps on the weekend. We should arrive at Lake George I the early evening and if your cabin is not going to be occupied I would appreciate it if I could get the key from Hill and also the key to the little cabin where Russ Gies left out equipment on Monday.

Don’t fail whatever else you do to plan to be present at the executive committee meeting on the night of August 21. The finishing touches on all the other useless freight in the A.C.A. are going to be put on at that meeting and it will be very entertaining.

With best personal wishes,

Sincerely yours,

Jim Cawley