August 29, 1929 – JSA to R. L. Robinson


  • August 23, 1929 – JSA to R. L. Robinson (Griscom and Russell Co, NYC) –

Dear Robinson:

I appreciate very much your help on Saturday, and tried to get down to your place and give some of your people a ride on Sunday, but was kept very much on the jump.

I failed to reimburse you for the shopping you did for me, including gas and understand from Huston that you will be up this week again, and hope you will call me up and advise me what I can do to square things with you.

The old ladies were very much impressed with the trip down the lake, and were very tired before I got them back to Saratoga around 11 o’clock. Incidentally, I was also a bit weary.

With best regards,

Hurriedly yours,