August 28, 1929 – JSA to Herman Hill (Glens Falls Motor Sales)


  • August 28, 1929 – JSA to Herman Hill (Glens Falls Motor Sales) –

Dear Herman:

I returned last night and did not receive your telegram until this morning.

I had my mind made up for sometime that the next car would be purchased from you. The other day, however, I was in a quandary: I had an important man from out of town here with me and suddenly found that I needed a new storage battery and two or three new tires. I put the situation up to the Studebaker people and found that I could not get away fast enough and actually contracted for a car, got in it and drove to the Lake without even knowing the color of it, and have actually driven it 640miles so far and must make another long trip through the Adirondacks in a couple of days.

I was assured yesterday by one of your chauffeurs her that the car I have is weak in the back-end and has other features which he did not think much of. He, however, is driving one of our Lincoln’s and may be prejudiced.

I certainly do not have time for any car troubles and if the One I have now does not perform satisfactorily you will no doubt hear from me again I n this connection.

Wishing you the best of success and thanking you for your special effort to take care of me, I remain

Cordially yours,