August 26, 1926 – JSA to T. F. Wilson (Brooklyn, NY)


  • August 26, 1926 – JSA to T.F. Wilson (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Dear Wilson:

I have just finished reading your note of the 25th and it occurs to me that my big brown tent erected on Turtle Island for the friendless at the American Canoe Association Meet would be the most enjoyable habitat that you could possibly occupy. It is wonderfully well located and the canoeists will have vacated the Island this weekend and all you will need will be blankets and a boat of some kind.

I would suggest that you immediately write a letter to Taylor telling him that I have expresses willingness to have you occupy this tent and I will ask the boys to leave the tent up. Unless some changes have taken place it is very luxurious, being full of straw and near a dock. You probably remember where the old man’s house used to be and this is the location of the tent.

It happens that all three of my camps are occupied next week, and the week after, by various friends.

Hoping you will enjoy your vacation with your chum, I remain,

Hurriedly yours,