August 25, 1931 – Dr. Stanton to Mr. Herbert D. Gaston (Conservation Dept.)

  • August 25, 1931 – E. MacD Stanton to Mr. Herbert E. Gaston (Secretary of the Conservation Department)

Dear Mr. Gaston:

I read your letter of the 19th with some surprise and I am wondering if your letter is intended to convey the impression it does that Commissioner Morgenthau does not wish to give a few minutes of his official time to listening to the up-to-date and somewhat more complete study of the high water in Lake George.

While it is true the petition was signed by twenty-five prominent shore-owners whose property is being damaged, it is also true that these same shore owners are concerned as New York State citizens in the damage being done to the State property, and their personal interest it, therefore, coincident with their interest as citizens of New York State.

The outstanding fact is that the problem has been before the Conservation Department for several years without any relief, when there are a number of things the State might have done. I note that Mr. Howard states that the paper company is very willing to act upon complaints when the water level is unduly high. I also note from the paper company’s records, given to me by Mr. Woodbury, that excessively high water occurs every year and is maintained for a period of time that damages the shores. One is, therefore, forced to conclude that either Mr. Howard has failed to ask the paper company to keep the water at a reasonable level or they have declined to comply with such a request promptly enough to protect the shore being damaged.

I am, therefore, prompted to ask again for a few minutes of the Commissioner’s personal time on this problem.

Very truly yours,

  1. MacD Stanton