August 20, 1923 – Robert Moses to JSA

  • August 20, 1923 – Robert Moses (New York State Association) to JSA

Dear Mr. Apperson:

Thank you for your invitation. It seems now that the Lake George visit will be on Friday and not on Thursday — Friday at 1:30 at the Fort William Henry Hotel. Senator Strauss is going up and I am not yet sure of Senator Rabenold. Mr. Myers will also be there. Quite probably Senator Straus and Mr. Myers will be glad to take advantage of your invitation. Maybe Colonel Greene will join them. Could you leave it open until Thursday? I might say that none of these people are interested in the various events which are planned between the Saratoga and Lake George visits – that is, they plan to drop out after the Saratoga visit and then rejoin the whole party at Lake George. I do not know how they could spend the intervening time better than at your camp.

Cordially yours,

Robert Moses