August 19, 1964 – Philip W. Ham to John Jamison

  • August 19, 1964 – Philip W.. Ham (Schenectady) to John T. Jamison (Scotia, NY)

Dear John:

Jim and John Apperson were here today at noon. They agreed that Appie’s vault at Mohawk National Bank on State Street should be made available to us or transferred to us.

Jim returned to work, and John and I went to said bank where John requested information for the simplest way to provide for transfer or to admit us to the vault locker. John Agreed that he was willing to transfer title or rental to us, so this was done. I paid a year’s rental $20 plus tax $2, effective today, for which I received two keys to locker number seven; one key enclosed for your use.

In accordance with enclosed “Attorney or Deputy” authorization, I names you as Deputy. Will you please fill all the blanks on the front of the card and mail in enclosed envelope to the Mohawk National Bank. At “Reference” fill in the name of your bank, and parents’ names whether living or not.

We removed the locker only the locked case (about 18 X12 X6 inches) took it to Teviot Road and found a key to open it. John looked over some of the photos in it and decided they appear to be largely “personal”, so he is taking this case to Charlotte for inspection. He will return non-personal and non-family papers and photos to me later, along with ditto from smaller lockbox now discontinued. I removed from the above case an envelope marked “Early original field notes and maps Ellice Patent – Cochran’s field book” pertaining to Lake George outlet region.

Philip W. Ham

  1. AE Newkirk; Mrs. L. D. LaMaire; D.L. Newhouse; JW Apperson; WM White