August 19, 1931 – JSA to Dr. Stanton

  • August 19, 1931 – JSA to Dr. Stanton –

My dear Dr. Stanton:

The answer to your letter of the 18th should, of course, be in a form and from a source you can quote, also defend if challenged, which no doubt it will be.

A volume of water 43 square miles 10” deep of utilized water under favorable conditions would represent power over a short period to an amount worth considering. If utilized, as at present, with old wheels and out-of-date machinery, the value at that location would probably be relatively small.

In any event, it is important that you have facts and figures that are unimpeachable, and I suggest that the man who gives you this information personally visit the mill and inspect the payout now installed and determine for himself by personal observations and calculations the actual values. I do not know at this writing anyone to recommend but will call you up later.

I feel quite sure that any information you might use less dependable will embarrass your efforts.

Very truly yours