August 19, 1931 – Herbert E. Gaston to Dr. Stanton

  • August 19, 1931 – Herbert E. Gaston (Sec. Conservation Department) to Dr. Stanton

Dear Dr. Stanton:

Commissioner Morgenthau has referred to me your letter of August 18th, with further reference to the matter of high water in Lake George. I learn from Mr. W. G. Howard, Superintendent of our Division of Lands and Forests, that the subject has come up at various times over a period of twelve years or more. In previous investigations the Department has been unable to find authority under which it could act to compel the International Paper Company to maintain any set level or maximum in the lake. Mr. Howard tells me, however, that he has found the Company very willing to act upon complaints when the water level is unduly high. On various occasions when such representations were made, to the Company, either through this Department or by others, they have been prompt to open their gates and release water.

It seems to Mr. Howard that the best prospect for a satisfactory settlement is for your Committee to interview Mr. Chester C. Colson, Chief Engineer of the International Paper Company. Pershing Square Building, 220 East 42nd Street, New York. Colonel Woodbury will be able to tell you of his contacts with Mr. Colson.

Yours very truly,

Signed/ Herbert E. Gaston

Secretary of the Department