August 16, 1911 – JSA to D&H Railroad


  • August 16, 1911 – JSA to General Baggage Manager (D & H Railroad Co.)

Dear Sir:

Your local representative has refused on several occasions to check bags because they contained among other things material used for camping purposes. The shape and construction of the bag comparatively has not bearing in the matter. For example I presented a bag securely make of heavy waterproof canvass with two handles, with double roped [?] top, making it as easy to handle and as safe as a dress suit case. This was refused on the grounds that it contained among other things some camping equipments [sic]. Shortly afterwards I saw checked a number of very flimsy bags, two of which I made special note of, check numbers were 612926 and 612929. These were made of ordinary black oil-cloth, without handles and insecurely put together. I mention this merely to bring out the point I wish to know about, and that is whether your local representative put the proper interpretation on your circular letters which he claims to be guided by. (Circular letter 137, Feb. 19, 1908)

I am asking that you advise me definitely on this point, since this materially effects the outings and vacations of a number of people, including my own.

Thanking you in advance for your prompt attention, I remain,

Very truly yours,