August 15, 1930 – Ted Dreier to his father, H. E. Dreier


  • August 15, 1930 – Ted Dreier (Schenectady) to his father (HED – Sunken Meadow) –

“Dear father,

Your letter with the good news about Dave and Helen just arrived; also your precious letter. We are just pulling out for Woodstock, Connecticut, where alumni and faculty of Rollins College will congregate for an outing at Hamilton Holt’s summer home on Saturday. We return to Lake George on Sunday. I finish up here Monday, taking the midnight for New York, and arriving for an appointment with Dr. Ames at 9 A.M. Tuesday. If you have any message you might drop me a line care of him (T.H. Ames, 55 Park Avenue) Unless I hear from you, or unless I find I have some other things to do, I shall probably go out to Sunken Meadows right afterwards. So I expect to see Dr. Ames everyday and do a lot of studying besides. I may stay at 3 Pierrepont Place rather than attempt to commute, but we can talk that over. Think of it, our dentist bill so far is over $250, and I still have quite a bit to be done. That really seems almost too much. Isn’t it reasonable for dentists to make some allowance for the income of the patient? Doctors in general do. I am being flooded with bills and if you can let me have $1,000 or at least $500 when I come on Tuesday, I will certainly appreciate it. The rest of the $1,500 won’t be necessary for a few weeks at least. Our camp is getting pretty well done now and we like it more every minute, although the stone-mason we got instead of Mr. Hill isn’t doing as nice a job as Hill would have. I am looking forward to seeing you Tuesday.

Barbara sends her love and so do I.