August 14, 1945 – Paul Schaefer to Dr. Irving Langmuir (LGPA)

  • August 14, 1945 – Paul Schaefer to Dr. Irving Langmuir (President, Lake George Protective Association, Inc.)

Dear Dr. Langmuir:

It is difficult to conceive a more interesting or informative meeting than was the first annual meeting of the Lake George Protective Association last Saturday evening.

On a subject so controversial as Lake George water levels many things could have been said which would have confused those attending despite their long association with the subject… The chair and the speakers were eloquent in their restraint of words which did not have the most important bearing on the subject.

The Lake George battle has become a symbol of New York’s conservation problems and is a pattern from which great lessons may be learned for use in other issues.

There was evidence of real strength in the meeting and I hope that it will be possible to capitalize on the interest which is so apparent now and which could be used to good advantage in building up the Association’s membership.

This issue will eventually be sustained by a majority of Lake George people and became as popular then as it was unpopular a year ago.

With best wishes, I am

Sincerely yours,

Paul Schaefer