August 11, 1956 – Excerpt from by-laws of the Nature Conservancy

  • August 11, 1956 – Excerpt from the by-laws of the Nature Conservancy –

Article XI

Territorial and Project Operations

Section 1. Operations. Territorial and project operations of the Conservancy shall be conducted in accordance with the policies adopted by the Board of Governors. Among other things, these policies may provide for the following:

  1. acquisition, ownership, and operation of nature preserves by the Conservancy
  2. Apportionment of general income from a particular territory between operations in that territory and operations of the central organization.
  3. Chartering of chapters and branch chapters to be organized and operated by the voting Conservancy members in their territories.

Section 2. Natural area policies. The Board of Governors shall adopt a code of policies for the management of natural areas. These policies shall apply to areas owned by the Conservancy and shall stand as a recommendation of the Conservancy to other agencies holding natural areas.